Pet Hospitality/Medical Boardingcat

We offer veterinary supervised boarding for small dogs (under 15 pounds), cats, and exotic animals at Quail Ridge Animal Hospital.  Our Kennels are indoors only and climate controlled for even temperatures year round.  We provide food and bedding unless your pet requires a special diet. You are welcome to bring their bedding and toys but we are not responsible for items damaged by your pet. We ask that all exotic pets and avian arrive with their own special diets and supplies.

To ensure the protection of all pets under our care, all boarders must be in good health. All pets must have had an exam within the past year, and be current on the following vaccinations:

  • Dogs: Rabies, Distemper/Parvovirus, Bordetella, and negative fecal test within the past year.
  • Cats: Rabies, Distemper Respiratory (FVRC), and negative fecal test within the past year.

Boarding Rates

Dogs & Cats without special medical needs:

            Day Boarding (during business hours only) -   $15.00

            Day Boarding with medical needs -                     $20.00

            Overnight Boarding  -                                            $20.00

            Overnight Boarding with medical needs -         $30.00

            Overnight Exotic Boarding -                                 $25.00


Quail Ridge does allow furry family members to stay together in the same area.


Additional Services While Boarding

While your pet is staying at Quail Ridge Animal Hospital you might want to take advantage of a grooming appointment as well, if this is of interest just let us know at the time of check-in.