Your Pet's Pain

If you have been around pets for a while, you know that they can experience pain in ways similar to how we do. The challenge can be determining the location and cause of the pain. That’s where a friendly veterinarian like Dr. Hewitt can help.

Scientists have found ways of identifying signs of pain in many types of animals. From rabbits pulling back their ears and squinting their eyes to dogs vocalizing their pain or acting agitated, there are clear signs to identify them once you are in tune with your pet and its behavior.

This can be tricky, though. Wild animals often conceal injuries and associated pain to avoid appearing weak. A rabbit showing signs of injury in the wild can single it out as an easy prey to predators. An injured wolf can lose its standing in the pack or lose territory if it appears injured. Our household pets have less motivation to conceal their pain, but they do share many of the characteristics of their wild relatives. This means we need to be observant so we can detect signs of pain and injury.

Ask your veterinarian for tips on how to tell if your pet is in pain. If you do suspect an injury, bring your pet in for a checkup. Your vet can do a more thorough examination to get to the bottom of the issue.



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