Pets of the Month

December 2016 Boarder of the Month

This is Gidget- she is a 14 year old Yorkshire Terrier that is so spunky and adorable! She loves to be picked up and carried around the hospital and will bark if you don't give her the attention she deserves. We love our little boarder Gidget! She lights up the hospital every time she is here. Yorkshire Terrier dog boarding

June 2015 Boarder of the Month

Hello everyone! My name is Tiffany, and I am very sweet and quiet little chihuahua that visits my friends at Quail Ridge when my family is out of town. I am about 14 years old and I am a very pretty black, grey, and white little dog. When I’m at Quail Ridge visiting the staff does an awesome job of making sure I get my insulin shot every morning and night since I am a diabetic. I also enjoy getting to go in the room every night to roam and have a lot of open space to stretch my legs. Can’t wait to see all of you soon! Tiffany Geissler chihuahua Quail Ridge insulin diabetic

June 2014 Pet of the Month

Hi everyone! My name is Daisy and I am a 17 year old Tonkinese cat that has been visiting Quail Ridge for awhile now. I am a sweet girl with a spunky personality! I am also very talkative and love to tell everyone at the hospital about my week. I am also very tough and sit nicely during my fluid therapy every week. I am a very special and one of a kind girl!  Daisy Kelb Tonkinese cat Quail Ridge hospital fluid therapy

December 2014 Boarder of the Month

Hello everyone! My name is Callie, and I am a sweet, spunky calico kitty that loves attention! I come visit my friends at Quail Ridge Animal Hospital any time my dad travels! I love getting to visit everyone there, because they always give me so much attention! Every night, I get to go into an exam room to run and play as much as I want! When I am in there I love chasing around the toys they give me and getting to jump on the counters to explore my surroundings! Dixon

December 2014 Pet of the Month

Hi friends! My name is Cujo, and I am a very sweet Chihuahua girl! Recently, I visited my friends at Quail Ridge because I was not feeling well. My mom loves me so much that she came and spent the whole day with me while the ladies at Quail Ridge helped me get better. Thanks to all the love and attention everyone gave me, I made a full recovery and am happily back at home with my loving family! I am very happy in my forever home and feel so lucky to be so dearly loved!  Cujo

July 2014 Boarder of the Month

Hi! Our names are Izzy and YoYo! We are an adorable pair with great personalities and happy tails that are always wagging! We love coming to spend time with our Quail Ridge friends when our family travels. We are greeted with hugs and kisses every time we walk through the door and we love all the attention we receive while staying at Quail Ridge! izzy2

July 2014 Pet of the Month

Hello there! My name is Adrianna and I am a sweet little toy poodle that is full of personality. I love hanging out in my nice comfy bed that is covered in blankets and getting lots of love and attention from anyone who is willing to stop and hold me. The Quail Ridge staff does a great job of making me feel special and like a beloved princess every time I visit!  Adrianna