From Carson City to Colorado and beyond, it has gotten colder. The winter chill can make us want to huddle up inside and wait for spring. But just as you and I need to keep exercising in winter—especially after all of those holiday meals and treats—our pets also need to make the proper adjustments to the season.

Some of you probably relish this time of year. For you, the winter months mean skiing, snowboarding, and hot chocolate. For others, though, it can mean hanging up the running shoes and tennis rackets for the season. One activity that shouldn’t be put away is walking your dog. You should continue to get out to make sure that both of you are getting the activity you need. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the months ahead. 


Bundle up

bundle up dog in winterWrapping yourself in your warmest coat, scarf, and gloves comes automatically. Make sure your four-legged walker is suitably protected as well, especially your shorthaired friends. Those little sweaters aren’t just cute. They help keep little bodies sufficiently warm. 


Protect your feet

Keep your feet warm and dry with good socks and footwear. Make sure your dog’s feet are safe by not letting them stay out too long on the cold ground. Booties might be necessary to go along with that adorable doggy sweater. Also, be mindful of salt and ice melt on the ground. These can irritate the pads of your dog’s feet. 


Protect your pet’s skin

The cold air can really affect your pet’s skin. Using a humidifier in your house can help. So can pet-specific lotions. Ask your vet for suggestions.


Get cozy

Think of your home as a ski lodge. When your dog comes in from outside, make sure she has a chance to warm up inside. Towel dry wet feet and bellies when coming inside. If he lives outside, a warm shelter is mandatory. 


Slow down

It is natural for animals, like many of us, to move around less during winter. Even if you do get outside regularly for walks, you are both probably getting less exercise. Eating less during this time of year will help keep your dog from gaining too much weight. Ask your veterinarian for recommendations as to how much you might want to adjust your pet’s diet.


Find other ways to get out

Getting out of the house is a great remedy for feeling cooped up in the winter. If it is too cold out for a walk today, or if you want to get out even more, consider taking your best friend for a drive. You know how much he loves a good trip in the car. Talking her to pet friendly places like the pet store or a friend’s house are also good ways to mix it up.


Make the most of it

Like it or not, winter is one quarter of the year. And our lives. Instead of waiting for spring to come around, find ways to make the most of the season. Just make sure you and your pet are as safe, warm, and dry as possible.




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