Vet Services


We offer veterinary supervised boarding for small dogs (under 15 pounds), cats, and exotic animals at Quail Ridge Animal Hospital.  Our Kennels are indoors only and climate controlled for even temperatures year round.  We provide food and bedding unless your pet requires a special diet.


Cold Laser Therapy

We are happy to offer Laser Petcare for our patients. Laser Petcare is a noninvasive and no risk option for pain management and wound healing.


Dental care

If you have ever suffered from a tooth ache, then you know just how serious dental pain can be. Regular dental care is not only necessary for us, however, but vital to the longevity of your dog or cat as well. Dental disease is progressive and will not go away without treatment.

Emergency Care

During our business hours, Quail Ridge Animal Hospital will do everything we can to assist in emergency situations for your pet. For after hours emergencies or life-threatening situations, please refer to the following local 24-hour emergency pet hospitals:

Canine Influenza dog flu

Exotic Medicine

At Quail Ridge Hospital we don’t just see dogs and cats, we offer care for all your furry, feathered and scaly family members!


Poultry Care

Quail Ridge Animal Hospital offers care for a variety of avian species. We offer routine wellness care, including beak, wing and nail trims. Dr. Lesli Hewitt has 13 pet chickens as well as an African grey parrot named Gandolf and would love to meet your feathered family member.

Puppy & Kitten Plans

Quail Ridge Animal Hospital offers comprehensive puppy and kitten packages for your new family member! These packages include a full physical examination with one of our veterinarians, fecal test, routine deworming and the three sets of vaccines that your puppy or kitten needs to stay healthy.

Stem Cell Therapy

At Quail Ridge Animal Hospital we offer Stem cell therapy, a cutting edge treatment that uses cells from the patient’s own body to help injured tissue heal.

Stem cells are harvested from patient’s fat tissue under anesthesia and processed. The stem cells can then be injected back in to the patient at the desired site.

stem cell

Surgical Services

Our state-of-the-art surgical suite is designed to accommodate our daily surgeries, including:

  • spay and neuters
  • growth removals
  • dental procedures
  • orthopedics
  • stem cell procedures
surgery room 1

Wellness Exams

Although the advances that modern medicine have afforded us make it easier than ever for Quail Ridge Animal Hospital to treat your pets when they are injured or ill, the best way to enjoy many long years with them is preventative wellness care.

dog and boys