How to Plan a Pet-Friendly Road Trip

If you have taken a long road trip with your dog, then you know there are always a few challenges along the way. Here are some helpful ideas to make your next road trip pet friendly, fun, and safe.

Pack the Essentials

Make a thorough list of things your pet may need on the trip. Then pack those things and think again about what you might have missed. Remember food, a water dish, bedding, and those ever-important baggies for you know what.

Take a Test Drive

Some dogs love riding in the car. Some…not so much. If you are not sure how your pet will respond to a long period of time in the car, take some test rides to get the little guy used to it.

Map out the Route

Take some time to map out the route you plan to take. Try to determine some good options for stopping along the way for walks and bathroom breaks. You should also look up vets or pet hospitals near your destination just in case. Your veterinarian may have some recommendations.

Bring Your ID

Bring along a recent photograph of your dog in case you get separated. If you haven’t already done so, you can also get a microchip ID implanted in your dog by your vet.

Buckle Up

Find a safe, comfortable spot in the vehicle for your pet to ride. It is best to have a bed or carrier that can be buckled into place with a seatbelt. It can be dangerous for your pet to wander around in the car while driving.

Take It Easy

Once you have the supplies and essentials accounted for, some of the best advice you can get is to take your time. Traveling with a pet adds more stops to the drive and more time to each stop. Plan for the pet-related delays so you can enjoy the time with your dog and make the most of having her along for the ride.



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