Thinking outside the Dog


Pet care is for the birds. And snakes. And rodents. In fact, your veterinarian can treat most kinds of exotic animals. Of course, it’s just as important to give your exotic pet the regular care it needs as you would with a dog or cat. That includes preventive care as well as treatment when your glamorous friend gets sick.

Your vet can also give you advice to help you prepare for a new exotic pet. The right enclosure, heating, food, and activity are vital to all creatures, especially those with very specific needs that are often different than what we might be used to. With exotic pets, we need to consider the natural habitat of the animal and how that can best be replicated at home. Your friendly veterinary staff is there to help.

Click here to take a quick look at the types of services that your vet can provide to meet the needs of your exotic animals—feathery, scaly, big and small.

guinea pig



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