Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy stands at the cutting edge of medical treatment. It has revolutionized treatment for many conditions, and new applications continue to develop.

Your pets can also benefit from stem cell therapy. Dogs and cats with injuries and conditions that are often stubborn to heal or reverse can see remarkable results.


The treatment uses cells collected from the patient’s own body to help injured tissue heal. Stem cells are harvested from patient’s fat tissue under anesthesia and processed. The stem cells can then be injected back in to the patient at the desired site.

Stem cell therapy helps reduce inflammation and increase blood flow to promote healing. It can make a significant difference for conditions like osteoarthritis as well as injuries to the soft tissue and tendons.

If you are considering our stem cell therapy service for your dog or cat, think about your pet’s overall health and age. If your pet is suffering from arthritis or an injury and still has several good years left, talk with your veterinarian. It could make a real difference for your furry family member’s quality of life.



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