Giving Thanks for Our Pets

Giving Thanks for Our Pets

Owning a pet enriches our lives in so many ways. They bring us joy and stability. They help make home feel more like home. And they are great for our health. At this time of Thanksgiving, we offer a few reasons to be grateful for the pets in your life.


One constant we can enjoy in the face of life’s uncertainties is the companionship of our loved ones. The unconditional love of the family dog or cat gives us the reassurance we often need. A pet brings love, energy, and loyalty to comfort us and make home a warmer place. A loving welcome at the end of a hard day helps heal the heart—quite literally, actually.

Mental Health

Studies show that pet owners enjoy lower rates of depression and anxiety thanks to their furry friends. The responsibility and routine of having a pet help keep us going. Also, the uncomplicated, loving relationship your dog or cat offers reduces stress, as does the therapeutic touch of petting them.

Physical Health

Your pet helps keep you healthy. Walking your dog is an excellent way to keep both of you fit. Regular walks help burn calories, increase heartrate, get out into the community, and reduce the damage done by sitting all day. Research shows that pets help lower blood pressure through exercise and stress reduction. We like to walk our dogs to keep them healthy, which your veterinarian will say is great, but we benefit from those daily walks just as much.

Allergy Tolerance

Recent research reveals another interesting benefit of owning a pet. Contrary to common belief, children who grow up with pets in the home tend to have lower rates of allergies and asthma. It turns out the dirt your dog tracks into the house does some good.

Social Interaction

Your daily walks give you more than good exercise. They also serve as social opportunities. Your dog is a great conversation starter with people you meet in the park or on the street. And the longer you have your pet, the more stories you will have to share. People love to ask about a dog’s breed, gender, and age. From meeting new friends to finding that special someone, your dog can bring you even more reasons to be thankful.