There’s Nothing Routine about Having a Pet. Or is there?

Have your New Year’s resolutions lost their momentum? Do you even remember what they were? Not to worry, there’s always time to get a good routine going. Here are five manageable habits to start with your pet today.


Make sure your pet gets physical exercise and mental stimulation each and every day. Take your dog for a walk. Get your cat moving around the house. Make sure that hamster wheel still spins. Daily exercise helps you and your pet stay healthy.

Food and Water

Make sure your pet gets the right amount of food and water each day. Your pet may have special needs, and they will change over time. Work with your veterinarian to keep your plan up to date.


Speaking of which, taking your pet to the vet for regular checkups is important at all stages of life, especially as your furry friend gets older. It will also help your pet stay up to date on vaccinations. We tend to be less vigilant with our older pets than with our puppies and kittens, but stick with the program to maintain optimal health.


Brush your pet’s hair and teeth regularly. By doing a little each day, you can avoid bigger problems down the road, like cavities or nasty hair knots.


Now the fun stuff. Play with your pet every day. You deepen your bond, get more exercise together, and get a little reminder of how much better life is with a pet.