Seven Magnificent Ways to Keep Your Pet Healthy this Spring

You have fantasized about running through sunny meadows for months, and now the time is finally here! Get out and enjoy the warm weather, and bring your pet along for the fun. As you grab the sunscreen and leash, here are seven quick tips to help keep your furry friend safe this season.

1. Smell the flowers (but not that one!) – Some flowers are toxic to your pet, and some are especially bad for them. Lilies for cats, for example. Ask your veterinarian about what flowers to keep your pet away from this spring.

2. Know while you grow – Whenever using fertilizer for your lawn or garden, be sure to read the safety instructions and keep your pets away from these products when you apply them.

3. Treat (only) yourself – Mother’s Day, Father’s Day—and every day in between—we love to celebrate with chocolate. Just be sure to keep it away from your pet and watch out for falling morsels.

4. Watch the wildlife – Taking your pet on a hike is a great way to enjoy the season. Before heading out, talk to your vet about rattlesnake vaccination and other protections for your pet as you explore the natural world around you.

5. Track the weather – Spring has its ups and downs. Make sure your pet is protected from weather extremes like spikes in temperature or late season freezes.

6. Protect your pet’s palate – With all this renewed seasonal activity, make sure your pet gets enough water.

7. Bug(s) off – Fleas and ticks are a potential menace to your furry friend. Talk to your vet about prevention and treatment.