Make Picnicking with Your Dog a Walk in the Park

A picnic is a great way to enjoy some time outdoors with the ones we love. That can, of course, include your dog. And just like your picnic shopping list, here is a checklist of things to remember that will help make it a great experience.

  • Before you start your relaxing afternoon on the picnic blanket, help your furry friend work out some wiggles with a nice walk.
  • When you get to your destination, check the ground for any food or debris left by previous occupants. This will keep your dog from getting into anything unexpected.
  • Speaking of chewing on things, bring your dog’s usual food to keep things on the healthy side.
  • And on the topic of chewing, make sure your food stays out of your dog’s reach. Some of our favorite treats are toxic to our pets.
  • So bring his treats, too. After all, this is a special outing.
  • Remember plenty of water for everyone, especially your panting companion.
  • If you use a picnic table, your dog can use it as shelter from the sun. If you are out in the open sitting on a favorite blanket, though, make sure your little guy has some shade to enjoy.
  • To keep her from darting off, keep her tethered close by. This is together time, anyway.
  • While you enjoy lounging, bring some dog toys to keep your little guy entertained.
  • You spent all winter dreaming of the summer sun. Take some pictures of your sunny picnic that you can drool over next winter.
  • Always on our lists for doggy outings, remember baggies—for your garbage, and for your dog’s picnic souvenirs.
  • Make it special. Have a great time, and send some pictures to inspire the rest of us to get out there!