Groom Your Dog for Summer

You finally took that first hike in the foothills with your dog. After being cooped up inside or enduring cold, wet weather, the warm sun felt amazing to both you and your pup. You got to stretch your legs and explore the nearby wonders of nature. But when you get back inside, you discover a few complications that arose along the way.

First off, your dog is panting like no tomorrow, despite your very conscious efforts to supply plenty of water. You reach to pet your little hiking buddy and what do you see? Burrs, burrs, and more burrs. You can take the dog off the trail, but you’ll spend half the afternoon getting the trail off the dog.

Grooming your dog for summer can help make the season’s activities more carefree. Talk to your veterinarian about what measures will be best for your particular breed, but some tips include cutting that unruly mane to a more manageable length. Some breeds can be shaved, while double-coated breeds like retrievers should not. A key for any breed, is to brush regularly. This will help remove warm excess fur and get out the tangles and debris that make post-hike cleanup so much harder. While you’re at it, check her feet and keep those nails trimmed.

Also remember to keep your dog clean. Different breeds need baths more or less frequently, but summer activities like hiking dusty trails, taking long walks or playing in lakes may mean altering your routine.

Perhaps most importantly, make sure your dog gets plenty of water. Hydration is key to a healthy, active summer.

Ask your vet for more advice about grooming and other ways to keep your pet in tip-top shape. Now, hit those trails!