Keep Your Pets Safe this Summer

There are so many fun things to do during the summer. There are also so many dangers out there. We always encourage a nice balance of fun and safety. It’s like wearing a life jacket. Taking a few safety precautions won’t take away from your fun, but it will help ensure that you’re still around to keep on having a great time.

Just like you, your pet needs safety guidelines. It’s a great idea to bring your pet along for some summer fun. While you’re out there soaking up the sunshine, keep these summer safety tips in mind for your pets.

Safe exercise
Probably the number one safety issue for pets during the summer is the heat. When you take your pet outside for some exercise, try to aim for the early morning or later in the evening. This will help reduce exposure to extreme temperatures and sun.

No hot surfaces
When you do take your dog out for a walk, check the ground surfaces outside. Hot cement or pavement can burn the pads of your dog’s feet.

We say this a lot, but it is worth repeating…a lot. Make sure your pet, even your cat in the house, always has access to clean water to stay hydrated.

Life vest
While we’re on the topic of water, invest in a little extra safety for your pet. Dogs are natural swimmers, but a life vest is a good idea when you head to the lake.

Bug protection
Talk to your veterinarian about how to protect your pets from insect-borne diseases and parasites.

Car safety
Never, ever leave your pet in a hot car. Ever.

Throw your pet some shade. The good kind. Make sure she has some nice cool spots to escape the summer sun.

Summer chemicals
Keep yourself safe with good sunscreen. Just make sure you keep it and other products out of your pet’s reach.

The only thing better than summer fun is safe summer fun. Have a great time, and don’t hesitate to call you vet with any questions.