Your Pet’s Summer Home Away from Home

Summer is travel time for many of us. We pile up in the car and head off to the woods, the beach, Grandma’s house, or somewhere in between. If you decide to bring your pet along for the ride, here are some suggestions for making the trip as fun for the furry one as it is for you.

The best thing you can do for your pet on the road is to make your destination feel like home. Our pets get accustomed to the routines of life, and change can stress them out. Making them as comfortable as possible will help travel seem less chaotic for them. The most important thing you can do in this regard is to bring along your pet’s food from home. Not only will your pet get the nutrition she regularly gets, she will also have that familiar comfort. Also remember any medications your pet needs. Bringing along the same bedding your pet loves will also help. Throw in a few favorite toys, and you should have one happy little camper. Or at least a less stressed one.

But before you even pack those items, there’s one thing that should happen well before trip time. Make sure you call ahead to your destinations to make sure pets are allowed. Also before you leave, look into what veterinary facilities are near your vacation destination. Ask your vet for any recommendations, just in case.

Once you hit the road with some comforts of home and head toward that pet-friendly destination, remember to keep you pet safe. That means pack a leash, make arrangements for your pet if you plan activities that don’t allow them to tag along, and by all means, never leave your pet in a hot car.

Make plans for giving your pet exercise, especially to break up long stretches of driving. Research parks and other fun things you can do with your pet along the way.

Summer trips are among the highlights of the entire year. If you bring your pet along, you can have a great time, capture some wonderful memories, and look forward to doing it again.