Get Your Pets Ready for Fall

Fall is here. We love the turning of the leaves, the harvesting of vegetables, the crisp air, and the holidays. We also love spending this special time of year with our pets. To make the most of the fall, we put together a few tips to help your pets get ready for the season, too.

Visit the Vet

If you haven’t made an appointment for your pet’s annual checkup yet this year, fall is the time to do it. Your veterinarian can help you keep your pet healthy and up to date for the season and the year to come.

Gimme Shelter

As the season changes and the weather gets cooler, make sure your pet has a warm, dry place for shelter.

From Summer Sweat to Fall Sweater

You also might want to break out the pet sweaters soon, especially if you take your pet out for a crisp walk in the cold. Once the white stuff starts falling, you may want to get out some footies, too.

Doggy Doormat

While we’re on the topic of feet, a good doormat will help get your house ready for fall as your pet drags in some seasonal mud.

Bath supplies

On the topic of mud, make sure you are stocked up on bath supplies for your dog or cat. Your veterinarian can offer recommendations.

Healthy holiday treats

You may want your pet to indulge in holiday treats, too. Just make sure they are healthy and appropriate for your pet.

Safe decorations

From Halloween to Thanksgiving, as the holidays start to come around, make sure your decorations are safe and out of reach of your pet. This will help you both enjoy the season more.