Black Dogs and Cats Aren’t Just for October

With the Halloween season upon us, we see a lot of black cats along with scary witches and goblins. It seems like black cats are everywhere. Part of the reason for the black cat’s honored place in Halloween decorations stems from folklore, while another part might just be the way people tend to perceive black animals.

It seems many of us have a negative impression of animals with dark fur. Studies have shown that people view black dogs as more aggressive, while yellow dogs get the highest marks for friendliness. Part of the reason could be that black dogs are harder to photograph without bright lights, which may have affected the studies. Fortunately, other studies show no difference between time spent in shelters between black dogs and their lighter colored friends. Black cats, though, still tend to come up short.

So whether it is Halloween or not, the next time you are looking for a pet, don’t let fur color guide your decision. The most important thing to think about when adopting a pet is whether the breed is a good fit for you and your household. Your veterinarian can help you with the things you should consider, such as size, disposition, shedding, activity levels, and more.

Enjoy seeing all the black cats (and maybe even dogs) this Halloween, and ask your vet what breed would be right for you.