Tips for Your Pet’s Halloween Costume

Halloween is a fun time for everyone, even the family pet. Just keep a few things in mind. Holidays can be stressful and downright dangerous for pets. But with these simple safety tips, you can make sure your pet enjoys the day almost as much as the human members of your family.

To dress up or not to dress up?
That is the question. Some dogs are accustomed to wearing sweaters in colder weather and actually like wearing outfits. Others, not so much. Make sure your dog is ok with wearing a costume before you suit up.

It’s all in the details.
Small parts and accessories can add to the charm of a costume, but they can also be choking hazards. Make sure your pet’s costume is free of any potential dangers.

The right kind of chilling.
Keep an eye on your pet during the festivities. If she starts to seem stressed, get her into a more soothing situation. This could mean a few minutes of quiet, ditching the costume, or calling it a night. Remember, your pet could have a very different interpretation of what’s going on during the Halloween fun. Remember the 4th of July?

Let them be free.
Make sure your pet’s costume allows him to move freely. He can become stressed if his movement is restricted. It’s also important that a costume doesn’t cover your dog’s eyes or ears. Animals rely on their senses to feel secure, and that will be especially important when a lot of people are coming and going on Halloween.

Take a breath.
In addition to keep their eyes, ears, and movement free, make sure the costume can’t interfere with your dog’s breathing. If it threatens to cover her nose or mouth, find something safer to use.

Be practical.
There can be more benefits to a pet costume than just looking great. Take advantage of the costume to keep your pet warm if it is cold out, and choose a brightly colored or reflective costume to make him more visible in the dark. Also, you don’t have to use the entire costume. If it seems excessive, maybe use part of the getup and let the rest go.

Holidays are about sharing the enjoyment with the ones we love. If your pet wants in on the Halloween fun, make the most of it. Just remember to keep everyone as safe and happy as possible.