Eight Fun Fall Activities for You and Your Pet

We all know that summer is a great time to get out and enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures. We tend to look forward to spring and summer so much that we engage in a lot of our outdoor activities during the first few weeks of the warm seasons. Another great time to experience the outdoors is fall. Not only are the crisp air and beautiful colors inviting, but it is also a great time to enjoy many of those same outdoor activities before the cold sets in. Here are eight fun things you can enjoy with your pet during those nice fall days.

Take a Hike

Find a park or trail and take your dog for a walk. You can take in the lovely fall colors while your dog plays in the fallen leaves and bask in the cooler air.

Another Night Out

If you want to take that outdoor experience a little further, go for one last camping trip. Just make sure you research weather conditions for proper packing for you and your pet.

Play in the leaves

You don’t have to hit the mountain trails to enjoy the leaves with your pet. You can do that right in your own yard or local park. It’s a great way for your dog or cat to experience the best of the season.

You Pick

If you have a few late fall vegetables hanging on, spending some final time in the garden is another way to spend quality time outdoors with your pet. Make sure you do your research regarding what your pet can and cannot eat, but a safe veggie or two can be a special treat.

Brace Yourself

Once the garden is done, get your yard ready for the cold. Along with putting away garden tools and turning off the sprinklers, you can make sure your cold weather pet preparations are in place.

Fall Colors in the Sky

One of the glories of fall is taking in the spectacular early sunsets. The glow in the sky can mirror the turning leaves for a beautiful way to end a fall day of fun with your pet.

A Fresh Coat

All that playing in fall leaves can mean one messy coat. Your pet’s dirty and longer fall coat could probably use an extra wash or two.

Snuggle up

Finally, the cooler air and darker evenings give you more opportunity to snuggle up with your dog, cat, or other pet and look back on a fall full of fun.