Fall Pet Grooming Tips

Each season brings a new set of challenges and opportunities for you and your pet. After helping your pet cope with the summer heat, fall is the time to get your pet ready for the cold to come. Here are a few tips for grooming your pet in fall, including some regular tricks of the trade that you can use any time of year.

First, you will probably need to step up your brushing game. Your dog, cat, or other furry friend is likely to add some thickness to her coat to help insulate against the cold. Brushing your pet’s fur regularly will help prevent painful tangles and knots while also ridding that luscious coat of unwanted debris. Brushing time is always a good opportunity to give your pet some special attention and to give her a good examination to make sure she is looking clean and healthy.

Bath time often accompanies brushing, and fall might mean more time in the tub. In some environments, there are two main seasons: mud and dust. The wet of fall can lead to a dirtier pet and fur in need of grooming. Check with you veterinarian for shampoo suggestions that are appropriate for your pet’s species, breed, and age. As the air gets even colder, make sure your pet gets fully dry before he goes outside again, especially if he is older or very young.

As part of bath time, be sure to check and clean your pet’s ears. This is especially important for dogs with long droopy ears. Ask your vet for tips if you are new to ear-swabbing.

Trimming your dog’s nails is always important. With more time spent grooming in fall, make sure your dog’s nails are neatly trimmed. Generally speaking, if you can hear them on the hardwood or tile floor, they need to be trimmed.

That other type of brushing needs to happen regularly, too. Keeping your pet’s teeth clean are important for his health. It’s also good for you, as you will have better pet breath to smell during chilly weather snuggling.

Fall grooming is a great way to get close to your pet, spoil her a little, and make sure she is healthy and clean.