Ten Reasons to be Thankful for Our Pets

Each Thanksgiving, we take time to reflect on the people and the good things in our lives. This Thanksgiving, we share a few reminders of the many reasons we are thankful for our wonderful pets.

  1. Pets love us unconditionally. Whether we have had a long day or are feeling down, our pets are there to welcome us at the door, show us love, and help us feel better.
  2. Pets are good for our hearts. In addition to the love we feel for our pets, they are good for the physical condition of our hearts as well. Having a pet is good for your heart and helps lower stress and blood pressure.
  3. Pets help us exercise. Walking or running with the family dog is a great way to bond and also a terrific way to stay in shape. The fact that dogs need the exercise helps get us out and on the move as too.
  4. Pets are good for our mental health, too. Pet ownership helps with depression as well as stress. Taking care of a pet also helps keep our minds sharp as we age.
  5. Pets are funny. Pets make us laugh. Whether it’s the cat playing with a toy, a new puppy running wild, or a bird singing to the stereo, pets can lighten the mood and make us smile.
  6. Pets keep us warm. As the weather gets colder, we can sit in a cozy chair or couch and snuggle up with our pets to chase the cold away.
  7. Pets trust us. The pure trust of a loving pet and the reliance they have on us helps deepen our bond and make us feel needed and appreciated.
  8. Pets make us responsible. Along with that trust comes responsibility. Your pet needs you. Taking care of a family pet is a great way for kids and young adults to learn how to be dependable.
  9. Pets sooth us. Pets have strong therapeutic benefits, helping people recover from illness and providing comfort for the aging.
  10. Pets are always there for us. The loyalty our pets show us is one of the pure joys in life. They will always be there and provide a wonderful warmth in our lives.