Give Your Pet These Gifts this Holiday Season

The Holiday Season brings with it many opportunities as well as its own set of challenges. We all feel the stress of finding the right gift for that special someone, not to mention finding the money with which to buy it. But what about the pets in our lives? What to get them this time of year? You could argue that your pet doesn’t know it’s the Holidays, so why bother stressing over a gift? Well, first of all, where’s the fun in that? And second, there’s no reason to stress with these fun ideas.

  1. Give you pet some new toys. Pets get bored with the same old things, just like us. Add a little spark to his life with a new toy. This is an especially good idea if you have a puppy. A new chew toy might give your furniture and shoes a rest for the Holidays.
  2. How about a new place to rest? A bed for your dog or cat, spruced up digs for your bird or pocket pet, or a fresh dog house can really add some excitement. You can also use the opportunity to add a new element to your room’s décor.
  3. There’s no better gift than time. Give your pet the gift of some added attention. Take your dog for some extra walks, play with your cat a little more, or get your exotic pet out a little more often. It will do you both a lot of good.
  4. Give the gift of safety. You can use this time of year as an excuse to get your pet a safer kennel for travel or maybe foot covers or sweaters for the winter cold. Your pet might not appreciate the gift as much as she would a new toy, but you will enjoy the peace of mind.
  5. Give the gift of health. Take time to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian. Make sure your pet is all caught up on vaccinations and has her annual checkup. Your pet definitely won’t like this as much as a new toy, but keeping her healthy will afford her more playtime.

Enjoy the holiday season, and enjoy some special time with your special pet.