Tips for Caring for Your Pet Bird

A friend of ours rescued a finch that had fallen out of its nest. With no other birds in sight and plenty of cats in the neighborhood, they took the little one in. They read up on the right food and shelter, named him Beaker, and gave the sweet thing a nice long life with a loving human family. One day, they turned on the stereo to listen to music while cleaning the house. To their joy, they heard their little finch singing along with the music. If they turned up the volume, little Beaker would raise his voice to be heard. His beautiful song filled the house for years.

Birds can make wonderful pets. They add a new dynamic to the home. If you plan on having a pet bird of your own, keep these tips in mind to make sure your new addition will soar through life as healthy and happy as possible.

Study up

Learn as much as you can about birds in general and about your pet’s species of bird in particular. You will want to be well aware of what your pet’s needs are, how to care for him on a daily basis, and what to expect over the years. Ask your veterinarian for advice as you prepare.

Treat your bird like a pet

Sometimes when we have pets that live in cages or tanks, we can unconsciously think of them as decoration more than family pets. But your bird is a part of the family and needs love and attention in addition to care.

Take flight

Part of treating your bird like the pet that he is involves getting him out of the cage. Give your bird plenty of opportunity to stretch his wings and fly around the house. It is good for your bird’s health and a lot of fun for you.

You might also think about getting more than one bird so they can socialize with each other. Many birds are flock animals, after all.

Get specialized help

Take your bird to the vet regularly for checkups. Make sure your vet is experienced in caring for exotic animals like birds.

Lastly, enjoy your new addition. If you rescue a bird, you can give a once lost creature a great new life. With the right care and attention, your bird will love your home as much as you love your new pet.