Keep Your Pets Healthy and Safe this Winter

Winter has come. While this can be the most difficult time of year to get outside with your pet, we still encourage dog owners to get their pets out for some much-needed activity. We can make the most of the season and have some fun while waiting for the sunshine to return.

However, there are some hazards that are unique to winter that you need to take into account. Keep these things in mind to help your pets have a healthy season.

Sometime natural isn’t enough
You pet has fur, but it isn’t always enough to protect her from the elements. If you dog or cat spends a lot of time outdoors, or even for brief times out like daily walks, get your pet some proper clothing. Different breeds have different needs, but yours might need a sweater or even some footies to protect against the harshest cold. Also, make sure your pet has a warm place to huddle at night and during the coldest times. If you have an outdoor-only cat, this is very important. Ask your vet for advice, especially is your pet is very old or very young.

Vehicle safety
You might not think of your car when you are thinking of winter safety for you pets, but this is a big one. Cats can huddle under cars for warmth in the winter. Be sure to check before you head out. Also, antifreeze is very dangerous for your pets. Check your car for any leaks and keep containers well sealed to make sure your pet doesn’t lap up something lethal.

Icy Danger
Ice poses a number of problems for pets. First of all, your pet’s water dish can freeze over preventing your pet from properly hydrating. Be sure to check your pet’s dish regularly. You might want to get a heated water dish that won’t freeze over, especially if you leave for extended periods of time.

Another ice-related danger is the salt we use to de-ice our walks. Make sure these are out of your pet’s reach. You might need to sweep up any remaining salt that hasn’t dissolved after doing its job.

Ask your veterinarian for more tips. You may need to take additional winter precautions like giving your pet more food, depending on your pet’s species and breed. Enjoy a safe and healthy season.