How to Show Your Pet Love

Karen had a lot to do. After a full day of work, she had to clean up her house and prepare for guests. Rushing from one room to another, she picked up books, clothes, and the occasional dish. She then quickly ran a dust wand over the shelves and tables. When she was finished, she looked down and saw her dog Charlie looking up at her with a pleading look.

Poor Charlie had followed Karen around the entire time she was cleaning. He wanted just one thing. He wanted Karen to stop, stay in one place, and give him a little attention. Okay, that’s three things. Karen took Charlie’s cue, checked her watch to see that she had a few minutes to spare, and sat down with Charlie. He promptly snuggled up to her and felt instantly in heaven.

Showing our pets love is very important. With this season of love upon us, let’s all take a few moments to count the ways we can show our little friends how much we care for them.

Take a Moment

Like Karen, we all need to set aside a few minutes here and there to give our pet some attention. A little bit of love goes a long way.

Hang Out

When you have a little more time to spare, dedicate some to your pet. Just spending time together, even if you are reading a book or watching a movie, is a great way to be close to your pet. That closeness is so important.

Get Out

Taking your dog for a walk or playing in the park or yard is great for your dog’s health and happiness. You both benefit from the exercise, and the time together focused on your dog will make his day.

Leave Behind

When you have to go to work or anywhere else without your pet for an extended period of time, leave some toys out for her. It’s a great way to show her some love, and it might just keep her from chewing or scratching something of yours.

Give Praise

Remember to notice when your pet does what he is supposed to do, and let him know about it. Praising your pet shows him love and encourages continued good behavior.

Take Care

Regularly grooming your pet is something we all need to remember. By doing it regularly, you keep up on your pet’s fur, nails, and teeth. This is good for her health, and it will make the process more positive since it will become habit, and less of an ordeal.

Drive On

Take your pet for drives. It is a nice way to get out, especially if conditions are not ideal for walks. It also helps get your pet used to the car for when you need to take him somewhere.

Keep Learning

Make it a habit to teach your pet new tricks and habits. You can use the time to bond, to give your pet praise and attention, and to accomplish some fun goals together. Like studying this list, you should keep learning, too. We can always discover new ways to appreciate our pets.