Five Fun Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Your Pet

St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to let loose. If you have Irish heritage, you can recognize your roots while having some fun. Even if you aren’t Irish, the day is still a wonderful excuse to celebrate. While you’re at it, why not include your pets in the fun. If you need some ideas on how to get your dog or cat involved in the festivities, take a wee gander at our list.

Go Green
Who doesn’t like dressing up pets? Well, if you don’t, feel free to move on to the next suggestion in our list. But if you do, break out a pet friendly green sweater or hat. Take a few fun photographs before she wriggles out of it.

Get Out
Technically, spring doesn’t arrive until a few days after St. Patrick’s Day, and the weather can bring a special kind of Irish gloom, but if you see a lucky break in the weather, take your dog out for a much-needed walk or trip to the park. It will be a great warm up for the outdoor activities to come during spring and summer. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, maybe take your pet on a little drive to break up your routine.

Get Creative
After you’ve worked up a good appetite getting outside, you can conjure up some fun holiday treats. Look online for healthy pet snack recipes, add some all-natural pet-safe green coloring, and give your pet a fun green treat. You’ll probably want to make something else for yourself.

Get Festive
Check your local listings for public St. Patrick’s Day events, like parades or Irish heritage activities. They can be a blast as well as another good excuse to get out with your dog. Another option is to watch a parade on TV. That way, even cats and other indoor pets can get in on the fun.

Get Interested
As you prepare for the day, take a moment to research whether or not you have some Irish heritage in your family tree, if you don’t already know. As a special treat, look up Irish breeds of dogs to see if yours makes the list. You might be surprised (they don’t all start with the word ‘Irish’).

No matter your background or type of pet, any excuse for a little extra fun is great to us. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!