Pet Poison Prevention Tips

Keeping your pet safe is priority one for pet owners. We take time to remember some important tips during March, which is Pet Poison Prevention Awareness Month. It can be hard to keep track of what is dangerous for pets. Here are some general tips to help keep your home safe for your little loved ones.

Keep Your Home Clean (of Cleaners)

A major first step is to make sure cleaning agents are locked up in a place your pets can’t access them. Keeping them behind closed doors and up out of reach is helpful. If they need to be stored under the sink, you might want to get cabinet locks to make sure your pets can’t get in there.

Plan Your Plant Treatments

If you fertilize your lawn or other parts of your yard, make sure you keep your pets away from the treated area while the application is fresh. This might mean treating your yard in sections so at least one area is free of chemicals at any given time. You can also take your pet elsewhere for outside time and to do his business while the yard is off limits.

Keep the Car (Products) in the Garage

Or keep them locked up somewhere like the garage where pets can’t get to them. Just like household chemicals, keeping oil, gasoline, and other automotive products locked up will help keep your pets safe. Watch out for leaks on the garage floor that your pet could get to as well.

Remember Potentially Poisonous Foods

Common food items like coffee grounds, grapes, and chocolate are toxic to your pets. Remember to keep them up where pets can’t get to them. If you have a jumper or climber in your family, be sure to clear the table of food scraps before leaving it unattended.

Pretty Plants can be Pretty Poisonous

The time to plant the garden is also time to remember that certain plants are dangerous for pets. Easter lily, oleander, sago palm, tulips, and cacti should either be avoided or planted in areas not accessible to pets.

As Always, Your Meds Are Only for You

Keep prescription medications sealed and locked up at all times. Medicine cabinets are the obvious choice for making sure your pets can’t get to dangerous drugs. Likewise, make sure your dog meds are kept away from cats, and vice versa. What’s good for one species can be bad for another.

Bug Spray Should Bug Off

If you have your home or property treated for pests, which is common in spring and summer, remember the same rules for fertilizing. Keep your pets away from treated areas while the application is fresh. If you treat your property yourself, make sure the products have their own secure place, too.