Tips for Your New Puppy

Spring is a great time to welcome new life, and what’s more fun than a new puppy! The energy and cuteness of your new family member will add excitement to your home. She will also add a few complications along the way. Here are a few tips for making a smooth adjustment to puppyhood.

Do your homework

Before selecting a breed or at least before bringing your new puppy home, do some research on what to expect. Each breed brings with it different needs. There are a lot of great books out there, and your veterinarian is always happy to help.

Get your home ready

There are two ways to puppy proof your home. In advance, and along the way as your puppy seeks out new and fun ways to put himself and your home in danger. You will probably always deal with the second scenario as you go, but doing as much prep work before your little guy arrives can really help. Start by getting dangerous chemicals and choke hazards out of reach then take a look at less dangerous things that you don’t want destroyed.

Go to the vet

Taking your new puppy to the veterinarian is key to starting out right. Your puppy needs regular checkups right off the bat, and she will need vaccinations and other care as she grows. Checkups are also great opportunities to ask questions about caring for your puppy.

Stock up

You don’t have to go crazy with supplies, though that is fun, but make sure you have the right food and some puppy appropriate chew toys before bringing your new pup home.

Start good habits

Start off on the right foot with regular play time and walks with your puppy. Your vet can help you select the right toys and equipment. Plenty of attention and exercise is great for both of you.

Bunk up

Prepare a sleeping place for your puppy. Crate training is a good way to help your puppy feel secure, and it helps define a place for him to call home.

Be ready

Along with all the fun and activities, puppies come with some less fun responsibilities. Be prepared for late night trips to the backyard and the occasional (or not so occasional) accident. Puppy bladders are small.


Puppies take work and planning, but they are oh so worth it. Enjoy the newfound energy and love in your home.