8 Tips for Gardening with Your Dog

Spending time outside in the garden is wonderful for your health. It is good exercise and therapeutic, too. Gardening is a great way to enjoy the summer sun without exerting yourself in the heat. It is also a fun way to spend time with your dog. Here are eight great tips for making the most of gardening with your dog.

Include Your Dog

Your dog probably just enjoys being around you. Gardening is a nice way to be in each other’s company while getting a little work done. To keep your dog’s attention, remember to speak to him or toss him something fun every once in a while.

Make Time for Playtime

It is a good idea to take occasional breaks from working in the garden to play with your dog. Even better, take her for a walk or enjoy some play time before you start gardening. This will help her burn off some energy before relaxing in the garden.

Consider a Fence

Fencing off your garden helps protect your plants when you are not around. It also helps mark your garden as a special place that is only enjoyed by your dog when you are working in the garden.

Take Time to Train Your Dog

Teaching your dog good garden behavior is a great opportunity for training. Your dog needs to know not to dig in the garden, to leave the plants alone, and to only go in the garden when you are there. Just remember that dog training takes baby steps. Talk with your veterinarian for some helpful training tips.

Don’t Just Water Your Plants

Just like your garden, your dog needs plenty of water when outside in the summer heat. Bringing a bowl into the garden is important for keeping him cool.

Bring Some Toys

Even after playtime and even in the summer heat, your dog might just get bored with gardening. Have a few toys around to keep her occupied when she gets her second wind.

Know Your Breed

When planning your garden and your garden activities, talk with your vet about how to best include your dog. Different breeds have different needs, and your vet can offer advice for diggers, jumpers, and more.

Be Careful What You Plant

Always remember that some plants are toxic to pets. Do some research and make sure dangerous plants stay out of your dog’s reach. Your veterinarian can provide more information to keep your gardening experience safe and fun.