How to Keep Your Pet Safe when Traveling

Taking your pet with you in the car can be a lot of fun. You get to spend more time together and even see some sights if you’re going on a road trip. Of course, there are some dangers that come with the territory. Keep these suggestions from your veterinarian in mind, and you and your pet can stay safe on the road.

Getting Your Pet Ready to Roll

There are a few things you want to do before hitting the road with your pet. Even if you are only taking a short trip, it’s better to be prepared. For longer road trips, these steps are essential. One thing to do before longer trips with your pet is to take some short drives to get her used to the process. You will also get some practice yourself to make getting out easier. Other items to prepare include:

  • Make sure you have all the supplies you need, from poop bags to food and water bowls.
  • Take along enough food and water for the trip. Familiar food will help prevent an upset stomach while your pet travels.
  • If you are traveling across state lines, bring along vaccination paperwork. You can get copies from your vet.
  • While you’re at the animal hospital, timing your pet’s annual physical well before you leave town would be helpful. Make sure your pet’s microchip is in order.
  • Be sure to bring any medications your pet needs while traveling.

Keeping Your Pet Safe on the Road

  • Have a secure place for your pet to ride, either in a crate or carrier or with a harness that attaches to a seat belt. Don’t let her stick her head out the window, no matter how cute it might be. She could get hurt by flying rocks or other debris.
  • On longer trips, take regular breaks for your pet to get out, do his business, and have a drink. Don’t feed your pet in the car, but try to keep to your regular feeding schedule.
  • When you do get out, keep your pet on a leash.

Avoiding Disaster with Your Pet

The biggest tip for traveling with your pet in the car is to never leave him in a parked car. During summer, a car quickly becomes far too hot for a pet, even with the windows down. In winter, a car gets very cold without the heat on. That quick errand could last longer than you think, so make sure your pet gets out with you. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

With those tips in mind, get out with your pet and enjoy exploring together.