Should You Feed Your Pet Vegetables?

People are always told to eat their vegetables. But what about your pet? Should you give veggies to your pets? It’s not necessary, but it’s not necessarily bad either.

A Healthy Treat

The first thing to know is that your pet doesn’t need vegetables. It’s not necessary for a healthy diet, like veggies are for humans. One good thing about feeding vegetables to your pet is that they are, of course, nutritious. While your pet doesn’t need veggies, they can be a nice alternative for treats. Giving your dog a carrot instead of a fatty treat can be a good idea. Whether or not your pet thinks so is another thing altogether.

Change Can be Hard (on the tummy)

One thing to keep in mind, and to talk about with your veterinarian, is that any change in your pet’s diet can lead to digestive issues. Dogs, for example, are carnivores and are more suited to eating meat. Even something as seemingly innocuous as a vegetable could give a sensitive pet tummy some issues. Ask your vet how she thinks your pet would handle veggies as treats.

Avoid Toxic Veggies

Some vegetables can be harmful to pets. Onions, garlic, chives, and related vegetables can cause anemia, while tomatoes and tomato plants can be downright toxic for pets. It gets even worse for fruit, as some fruits like grapes are very harmful to dogs. Talk with your vet about what foods are safe for your pets.

Finding healthy ways to reward your pet is a good idea. Your top priority should be giving your pet a healthy diet and good exercise. This will help keep them healthy for years to come. Ask your veterinarian what would be best for your pet. Just like us, pets all have unique needs and health concerns.