Why Pet Wellness Exams are So Important

Just like you, your pet can benefit from regular checkups with the doctor. Even if your pet is young and seems healthy, taking her to the veterinarian on a regular basis is important for keeping her healthy for years to come. Here are some key reasons why you should bring your pet to the vet each year for a wellness checkup.

The Importance Prevention and Early Detection

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That certainly applies to your pet’s health. Regular checkups give your veterinarian the opportunity to provide preventive measures for potential illness. Wellness checks also increase the odds that your vet will catch any health issues early on, which typically makes treatment more successful.

Monitor Ongoing Issues

If your pet does have any health issues, regular wellness checks allow your vet to monitor them and see if things get better or worse. This is another form of prevention that will help your pet’s long-term health.

Ask Questions

Your pet’s wellness exam is also an opportunity for you. Take advantage of the time at your veterinary hospital to ask questions. You can get information about pet health issues you have thought about, or ask about anything you’ve noticed in your pet since your last visit.

Let Your Vet Know Your Pet

Wellness exams are a great opportunity for your veterinarian to get to know your pet. Vets like Dr. Hewitt and Dr. Harris are skilled providers with years of experience in diagnosis. Knowing your pet individually gives them more information to help them see any changes in your pet’s health. This helps them provide even better care for your pet.