Why You Need to Keep Sweets Away from Pets

It’s that time of year again. That time when sweets seem to be everywhere. We buy them, get them from friends and neighbors, and see them around every corner. While sweets can be a real problem for our health and waistlines, they are even worse for our pets.

Pets and sweets are a dangerous combination

There are a number of reasons why you should keep sweets away from your pets. From organ damage to obesity and even death, human sweets have no place in an animal’s diet.

Sugar is dangerous for pets and can cause serious health problems. It gets even worse when it comes to chocolate. It’s downright toxic for pets and can even kill them. Even sugar substitutes can poison your pet.

Preventing pet poisoning

The best thing you can do to keep sweets away from your pets, aside from not giving them to your pet, is to keep them out of reach. Leaving treats on the table or counter can be a problem, especially if your pet likes to help himself to food that’s left unattended. To avoid an emergency trip to the animal hospital because of accidental poisoning by chocolate or other sweets, put them away in a place like a cupboard that your pet can’t access. It might even help the humans in your house limit their intake.

Ask questions. Your vet is always there to help. Talk about what sweets, like chocolate, are most dangerous and what you should do if your pet eats some. (Spoiler alert: get to the animal hospital right away). You can also ask about healthy treats that you can give your pet to satisfy that craving. That way, you can let her celebrate a holiday or special occasion with you.