How to Keep Up with Your Dog’s Grooming as the Weather Gets Cold

Many of us tend to think that dog care, especially grooming, gets easier in the colder months. Just let that coat grow out to keep him nice and warm. While that can be part of it, we need to be sure to keep up with our dog’s grooming and care so things don’t take an unhealthy turn.

Regular Brushing

If you keep your dog’s coat short during the warmer months and let it grow when it gets cold, brushing is the key to keeping that fur healthy. Regularly brushing your dog will help keep her coat well-maintained and avoid painful knots. It can also give you a little more time together. Doing it on a regular basis will help make it a less painful experience for your pup.

Foot Care

In the hot summer months, your veterinarian will stress keeping your dog’s feet safe from scorching hot sidewalks. In the colder months, you need to watch out for dry, cracked skin, and debris that can get in those cracks. It can be a good idea to have your pet’s feet checked by your vet.

Cool Weather Walks

You can still take your dog for walks during the colder months. In fact, it can be necessary for keeping your dog, and even yourself, in good shape year-round. Plan your walks so you can avoid bad weather and the coldest times of day. There might be a week here and there when the weather doesn’t cooperate, but try to get in as many regular walks as you can throughout the year.

Bath Time

Just like brushing, regular bathing is good for your dog’s health. You can get the fall and winter mud out of her coat, and make sure that skin stays as healthy as possible. Ask your vet for recommendations if you aren’t sure which products to use on your pet.

Enjoy the Season Together

Fall is a time for celebration and comfy days inside. Make sure your pet still gets some good outside time and that his skin, feet, and fur get the care they need.