How to Make Sure Your Pets Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

The Holidays are a wonderful time for celebration. We look forward to this time of year, and making it special is what it’s all about. Even in difficult years, or perhaps especially during difficult years, people want to make the most of it. However, the Holidays can present certain dangers to your pets. Keep the following things in mind to help your pets have a good time as well.

Keep sweets, especially chocolate, out of reach

This is a big one. There is more chocolate floating around during holidays, and that means danger for your dog. Keep sweets up where your pets can’t get to them. Even leaving treats on the kitchen table can mean real danger for your dog. If he does get a hold of some, call your animal hospital right away.

Avoid poisonous holiday plants

While we’re talking about things toxic to your pets, there are a number of Holiday plants that are very dangerous. Things like mistletoe, holly, and various flowers are quite toxic to animals. Talk with your veterinarian to get a more complete list of dangerous plants.

Secure your Christmas tree

If you have a big dog that can sometimes be clumsy or likes to run around the house, or if you have a cat who loves to climb, try to find a way to secure your Christmas tree, if you have one. The risk of your tree tumbling over is a real one. You should also consider forgoing tinsel if you have a cat to avoid the choking hazard.

Leave human food to the humans

Keeping the chocolate tucked away isn’t enough. You also need to keep the rest of the human food away from your pets. We all can gain a few pounds this time of year, but a few pounds to a little pet is a big deal and not worth the treat. Talk with your vet about healthy treat options.

Give your pet some quiet

You might not be hosting a large group this year, but if you do have more people around, make sure there is a nice quiet place for your pet to escape the commotion. The noise, festivities, and tearing of wrapping paper can be fun for your pet, but it can also be stressful.

Give your pet extra love and attention

Whether your house is livelier than usual or a lot quieter this Holiday season, take the time to show your pet some extra love. You can show her how much you love her, and you can offer each other some comfort if times are stressful.