How to Keep Your Cat Healthy

How to Keep Your Cat Healthy

Cats make great pets. They are each so unique and so different from other types of pets. While we tend to think of cats as independent and not needing as much attention, we still need to make sure we do enough to help keep them healthy and happy. These simple tips will help.

Provide Some Space

Cats like their privacy and some space of their own. Make sure your cat has a little area that she can depend on as hers. You might not have a lot of space to allocate to your cat, but making sure there is a nice place for food and water, a little bed perhaps, and of course another spot for the litter box will help her to always feel at home.

Keep It Clean

Speaking of the litter box, make sure you maintain a strict cleaning schedule. Cats can start to look for other places to do their business if the litter box isn’t clean. It might vary for your cat, but cleaning the litter box weekly should do the trick.

A Healthy Diet

This is always on any pet health checklist. Talk with your veterinarian about what food your cat should eat and how much he needs for his size. A regular feeding routine helps maintain a healthy diet, and it adds to the consistency that helps him feel secure.

Regular Checkups

While we’re talking about the vet, be sure to bring your cat in for wellness exams on a regular basis. It is the best way to detect any health issues early on and to help make sure your cat stays as healthy as possible.

Attention. Yes, Attention

Play with your cat. This is an important part of her well-being. Cats need attention. Give your cat plenty of love, and also set aside time for play. It helps strengthen your bond. It also helps keep him active, and it breaks up the daily routine. Cats love to lie around, but they also need to exercise their bodies and minds. No matter the age of your cat, it’s fun to see him come alive when playing.