Benefits of Training Your Dog

When we think of dog training or obedience school, images of horribly behaved pets might come to mind. You might think it’s only for canines with aggressive personalities or those who have committed some sort of offense.

In reality, every dog and dog owner can benefit from training. There are some key lessons that we can all use from obedience school, whether we are learning them for the first time or getting a little refresher. Still not convinced? These basic benefits of dog training might change your mind.

Training Helps Keep Your Dog Safe

Every dog can be inclined to get into a little trouble. Some solid training can help keep your dog safe. For example, teaching your dog basic commands can stop him from running into traffic or biting into something dangerous. Simple, clear one-word commands will go a long way toward having a more disciplined dog. Teaching your dog to heel can also make the leash experience a little more comfortable.

Training Helps Your Dog Be More Social

Well-trained dogs can be more effective socially. When you both attend some obedience school together, you develop greater control, and your dog learns to listen and behave better. That helps a lot when you get excited around other dogs and you know how to encourage her to behave.

Dog Training Makes Boarding Better

That discipline carries over in stressful situations. If your dog knows a list of key commands and has been taught to obey in a variety of situations, then she will be better equipped for potentially trying times like being boarded.

Dog Training Helps You Be a Better Dog Owner

When you take your dog for training, you both learn a lot. In fact, much of the focus centers on equipping you with the tools you need to help your dog listen and obey key commands. You gain confidence as a dog owner and have an easier time delivering the commands your dog needs in order to stay safe and well-behaved.

It’s a Great Opportunity to Bond with Your Dog

Any chance you get to spend time with your dog is an opportunity to bond. Learning something new together gives you a new experience to share. You also get the bonus time of practicing together what you both learn in obedience school.

Talk with your veterinarian about dog training and what options there are in your area. Your vet can tell you more about the benefits and give you recommendations on where to go.