Why Dental Care is Important for Your Pet

Let’s face it. Nobody likes going to the dentist. It can be uncomfortable, we feel vulnerable sitting there with our mouth open while someone works on our teeth, and we definitely don’t like getting bad news about our teeth. And yet, we go anyway. Why? Because it’s so important for our dental health and our overall health.

This is the same for your pet. Dental health is a major concern for pets. Imagine if you never brushed your teeth or went to the dentist. Taking your pet to the vet for a dental examination and cleaning is so important for her health. Here’s why.

Prevent Tooth Loss

A major reason to get the best dental care for your pet is to prevent tooth loss. When tooth decay persists long enough, the structure of your pet’s mouth can be weakened to the point that he loses teeth. This is painful and can have serious repercussions for his overall health.

Combat Bad Breath

You might love getting kisses from your pet, even if you have to hold your breath while it’s happening. Regular cleanings help prevent bad pet breath. Your vet will give you advice on how to keep that bad breath away between cleanings.

Prevent Oral Pain

Losing teeth and having foul breath are bad enough. Nobody wants their pet to be in pain. Unfortunately, that is what happens when your pet’s dental health suffers. To help keep your pet from suffering oral pain, make sure dental health checkups and cleanings are a regular part of her healthcare.

Keep Dental Issues from Getting Worse

By visiting the vet for dental care on a regular basis, you have a much better chance of stopping oral health problems from starting, or from getting worse. Your vet will also have a better idea of your pet’s oral health history, so she can monitor any conditions your pet might have.

Help Protect Your Pet’s Overall Health

Oral health is connected to your pet’s overall health. Severe oral health problems can lead to a variety of health problems, even organ failure. As part of the love and care you give your pet, make sure dental health gets the priority it deserves.