Basic Care Tips for Your Poultry

Raising birds is a fast-growing pastime, and people are going beyond cats and dogs to include poultry in their households. Raising chickens, parrots, and other poultry is a great way to expand your animal horizons. If you have chickens, you get to raise a little food in the form of homegrown eggs, and it’s a great excuse to get outside more often. Here are some basic tips to keep your poultry healthy.

Feed and Water Daily

Make sure your birds have regular access to water and get fed each day. You can opt for a feeder to distribute the food, or you can do it by hand. Feeding your poultry by hand is a nice way to connect with them each day.

Keep Water Clean

A key part of making sure your poultry stays healthy is to keep their water clean. You can inspect the water each day to make sure it’s clean. You should also clean the water container regularly to keep it free of contaminants.

Watch Your Birds

Another key part of keeping poultry healthy is to know them. Make sure you spend some time with your birds each day. You will enjoy their company, and you get to know their behaviors thoroughly. That way, if they develop any health issues, you will be more likely to notice.

Collect Eggs

If you raise chickens, make sure you collect eggs each day. It’s a great treat, and it keeps your chickens’ routine in order. It also helps make sure eggs are cleaner and fewer get cracked.

Maintain Bedding

Keep your poultry comfortable. Make sure they have sufficient bedding. This will need to be inspected regularly and supplemented as materials get spread around or worn.

The Vet is for the Birds

Taking your poultry to the veterinarian is important. You need to get regular checkups to make sure your birds are healthy and get the care they need. And when you choose a skilled vet who also has poultry of her own, like Dr. Lesli Hewitt-Spears, you know you are getting the best poultry care available.