How to Keep Your Dog Fit

April is canine fitness month, and it’s the perfect time to work on your dog’s health and wellness. The warming spring weather gives us the opportunity to get outside more often and give your dog the exercise that is key to staying healthy and fit. To keep your best friend in good shape, it only takes a few key priorities.

Healthy Diet

We all need to watch what we eat, and that is especially true for your dog. Make sure he gets food that is formulated for his size, age, and breed. Talk with your friendly veterinarian for recommendations. Another key to a healthy canine diet is to keep human food out of it. Nothing adds to your dog’s waste line quite like people food treats.

Regular Activity

Those dog walks should be a daily occurrence if at all possible. Regular exercise is so important for your dog’s health. It helps her lose weight, keep muscles developed, and joints moving. It’s also key to heart health and overall well being. Plus, you get some great exercise too.

Daily Play and Attention

Playing with your dog is another great form of exercise, and it helps your pet’s emotional well being. That’s important for all of us. You get to bond on a regular basis, and it adds another form of stimulation that is important for your pet.

Training and Interaction

Teaching your dog how to behave is also important for her health. It will help your dog act properly around other people and animals, and it will help avoid stressful situations. You both get another opportunity to bond when you train your pet, which is both important and fun.

Visits to the Vet

Any list of healthy pet practices has to include this one. Taking your dog to the veterinarian at least annually is important. You can talk with your vet about your dog’s health and how his needs change as he ages. Your vet gets the chance to know your dog well so any changes in his health will be easier to detect, and potential health issues can be caught early.

The healthier you keep your pet, the longer you are likely to have him in your life. Build daily pet health habits and enjoy your dog even more.