Why You Need to Pick up Dog Poop

Spring is an amazing time to get outside with your dog. You can get out and take in the sights and smells of the season while making up for the walks your veterinarian told you to take last winter.

Each time you go out, make sure your packing list includes those convenient little bags for cleaning up after your dog. We all cringe when we see dog poop on the sidewalk or nearby, and none of us wants to be that person. Besides being the right thing to do, there are additional serious reasons for cleaning up after your dog.

Animal Waste Can Get into Groundwater

Any animal waste left on the sidewalk, street, or gutter can wash into storm drains, and poop left on the ground can make its way into the groundwater. Waste can carry bacteria and disease that can cause real health issues. It can also contribute to lower oxygen levels in the water downstream that fish and other creatures need to survive.

Animal Waste Can Contaminate the Soil

Some of the parasites in animal waste can survive in the soil for a long time and eventually find their way to a new host. Cleaning up animal waste is an important way to help protect community health.

You Could Ruin Someone’s Day (Especially If They’re Wearing Sandals)

If you have a dog, you have almost definitely stepped in dog poop. If you have ever done so in less than sturdy footwear, you know how unfortunate the experience can be. Cleaning up after your dog helps save someone else from enduring that.

It’s the Neighborly Thing to Do (That You Want Others to Do)

Most dog walking takes place near our homes. It’s great to head out someone farther afield, but more often than not, we tend to start our dog walks at our own front door. Cleaning up after your dog helps keep your own neighborhood cleaner, and it sets a nice precedent for everyone else in the area.

It’s the Law

If being neighborly or helping fight illness doesn’t motivate you, then avoiding a costly and embarrassing citation might. It’s illegal to leave your animal’s waste on public ground or someone else’s private property.

Now, grab a leash and a few of those little baggies, and enjoy the sunshine!