Why Your Pet Needs Tests

We hear about it all the time. When it comes to a lot of serious conditions like cancer, early detection is key to treatment and recovery. The same is true for your pet. If your pet develops a serious condition, finding it early will significantly help. That’s where your veterinarian comes in.

Find Parasites Before Conditions Get Worse

Your veterinarian can conduct a series of diagnostic tests to detect a wide range of conditions. Fecal tests, for example, can help detect parasites in your pet’s system. Finding these conditions early helps with treatment and your pet’s overall health.

Intestinal parasites are most common in dogs and can cause significant health problems, especially if your dog has other health issues. Heartworm disease is a parasite spread by mosquitoes and can be life-threatening. Your vet can help detect and even prevent parasites from infecting your dog.

Detect Cancer Early

Cancer is a significant problem for our pet population. Just as humans have to deal with the terrible reality of cancer, so do our pets. It can be especially hard to detect in pets until it has spread. Regular diagnostic tests can help find cancer early and improve your pet’s odds.

We know how stealthy cats can be. They are also good at hiding illness, so a condition like cancer can affect your cat for a long time before symptoms become obvious. Getting regular wellness exams and tests can help keep your cat healthy and prevent serious illnesses like cancer from going undetected.

Improve Quality of Life

We all want the best for our pets. That includes leading happy, healthy lives. Prevention and early detection are critical to keeping serious illnesses from taking hold. Talk with your vet about what diagnostic tests make the most sense for your pet.