How to Keep Your Dog Safe at BBQs

It’s finally time to get outside and fire up the barbecue. With the sun shining, and conditions getting safer for small get-togethers, nothing beats a summer cookout. Another kind of safety to keep in mind when hosting a barbecue is keeping your pets out of harm’s way. These tips will help you have a fun event that is safe for your dog.

Plan for Arrival Time

If you have people arriving for a backyard event, make sure you keep your dog away from the entrance. If people will be coming and going through an outside gate, you can keep your dog in the house. Or the reverse will work if people will be using the front door. With a lot going on, it can be easy to lose track of your dog, so planning ahead can help.

Keep Your Dog Away from the Grill

Whether you use charcoal or gas, make sure your dog doesn’t get too close to the grill. Even the outside surfaces can burn, and charcoal dust isn’t good for her either.

Keep Food Out of Reach

Let’s face it, some dogs are better behaved than others. If your dog has a mischievous side, make sure he can’t get to your party food when no one’s looking.

That Means Drinks, Too

Alcohol is toxic for pets, so make sure they can’t take any sneaky sips. Keep the bar out of reach, and make sure unattended or mostly empty drinks get taken care of during the event. It will give you a head start on post-party cleanup, anyway.

Monitor Pets After the Party as Well

Even after the party is over, there can still be some leftover hazards for your dog. The grill needs to cool, food needs to be cleaned up, and guests have to use the exit. Have a plan for where your pet will be for the entire time, including clean up time.

Remember to stay safe and to have a great time. Summer is the time for outdoor eating and fun.