Why Eye Exams Are Important for Pets

We all know how important eyesight is for our health and well being. The same is true for our pets. While we recognize the importance of our pets’ eyesight, what can we do to keep their eyes healthy?

Your Pet’s Eyesight

Your pet relies on her eyesight just like you do. Getting around, finding food and water, and avoiding danger all rely to a degree on vision. While you or your human family members can talk about eye issues as they develop, it can be harder to know if your pet is struggling with her senses.

Eye conditions in pets can vary from cancers like iris melanoma to conditions like glaucoma, which is caused by a build-up of fluid in the eye. Your pet can also develop cataracts, or he can lose his vision over time as he ages.

How Your Veterinarian Can Help

It is always a good idea to watch your pet and pay close attention to changes in behavior or appearance. After all, no one knows your pet better than you. Your veterinarian offers the help of an expert who gets to know your pet over years of wellness exams and with vast experience in animal health.

In addition to wellness exams, your vet can provide diagnostic services to look for harder to identify conditions. This includes eye exams for your pet. From looking into each eye to look for signs of illness or injury to specialized tests like tonometry to examine eye pressure, your vet can let you know if your pet has any eye health issues.

Be watchful of your pet and keep his eye health in mind as you do. Make sure you take him to the vet regularly for diagnostic tests and wellness exams as well. Like many health issues, early detection can be key.