The Benefits of Owning a Cat

If you have thought about getting a cat, there’s good news. Cats not only make good friends, they are also good for you. The benefits of owning a cat might just convince you to adopt a new furry friend soon.

Cats Are Good for You

We have known for a long time that pets are good for our health. Having a cat in your home offers a number of health benefits. They help reduce stress, they decrease and help relieve anxiety, and they help combat depression. Cat owners benefit from healthier hearts too. Plus, a cat can help comfort you when you are dealing with a loss.

Cats Are Great for Busy People

While pets are great for our health, they do require work. For those of us who might not envision having time for daily dog walking, a cat might just be the right alternative. Cats tend to be lower maintenance than dogs and can appreciate the alone time that a busy owner might provide. But when you get home, you can still enjoy time with your purring friend.

Cats Offer Companionship

Even busy people need companionship, and cats provide that. People living alone benefit from the reliable presence of a cat in their home. From brushing against your legs as they walk by to snuggling up to watch a movie together, a cat can make your home feel more like home.

Cats Help You Sleep

Cats love their sleep, and they can make you love your slumber more too. They can help you sleep more comfortably by snuggling up with you in bed. Cat owners everywhere can attest to the soothing comfort of their furry friend sleeping near them.
Bringing a cat into your home brings with it many benefits. Talk with your veterinarian about how to best prepare for a new cat, and remember to bring your new cat to the vet for a wellness exam.