Emergency Preparedness for Pets

Every September is National Preparedness Month, and if you have pets, that means making a plan for them too. If disaster strikes, it helps to have the supplies and action items in place to make sure all of your loved ones, including your pets, are alright.

Make a Pet Preparedness Kit

When disaster strikes, you should be prepared for your pets as well as for yourself and your family. Making an emergency kit for your pet will help you get them out the door quickly. Your pet’s emergency kit should include important items like:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Medications they are currently taking
  • Bed and/or blanket
  • Food and water bowls
  • Spare leash and collar
  • Copies of medical forms like vaccination certificates

Have Plans–and Backup Plans–in Place

As any first responder will tell you, emergencies don’t always happen when everyone is together at home. Something could happen in the middle of a work day when only your pet is at home.

To make sure your pet is taken care of during an emergency, have alternative plans in place. For example, ask a neighbor who is usually home when you are not to be your emergency backup. Plan on a contact system so you know your pet is safe if you are away.

Have Your Pet Microchipped

Talk with your veterinarian about getting your pet microchipped if you haven’t already. It’s a good safety measure in many circumstances, especially during a natural disaster or other type of emergency situation.

Talk with Your Vet and Emergency Officials for Advice

You can reach out to your vet with more questions about preparing your pet for an emergency. You can also reach out to your local community officials to learn about location specific plans.

Helpful resources include the fire department and police department. You can contact your local city hall to get in touch with the community’s emergency planners for an overall picture of preparedness.

A little preparation now can make a huge difference when an emergency strikes.