Why Kitten Exams Are So Important

Few things in this world are as cute as kittens. Watching them move and play is a pure joy. You get to see them learn and grow, both physically and as they develop their unique personalities.

To help your kitten get off on the right paw, take them to the vet for a kitten exam. Your veterinarian will conduct a thorough physical to check for any signs of health issues. Whether you just adopted a new kitten, or if your cat has birthed a new litter, your vet can help them get off to a healthy start.

Check for Potential Health Issues

During your kitten’s exam, your vet will take a complete look at basic physical functions and search for signs of common conditions. They will check your kitten’s eyes and ears for proper function.

Your veterinarian will also examine your kitten’s heart to check for any irregularities like a heart murmur. They will also listen to the lungs to make sure breathing is normal.

Hernia can be a common problem among young pets, so your vet will examine your kitten’s abdomen.

Finally, your vet will take samples to check for parasites and other internal health issues. Chances are, your kitten will receive a clean bill of health. If any concerns do arise, your veterinarian will explore treatment options with you so you can do the best for your new pet.

Get Your Questions Answered

Visiting the vet is always a good time to ask questions and get advice on important topics like diet and exercise for your pets. After your kitten’s exam, you can take her home and enjoy playtime and the magic that is having a new kitten in your home.