How to Help Your Dog Through Fireworks

Celebrating holidays like the Fourth of July with fireworks can be a lot of fun for the family. One member of the household that might not appreciate the party as much is your dog. Many dogs are frightened of fireworks, but you can help them through the day.

Make a Plan for the Day

As you schedule your Independence Day festivities, make a plan for your dog as well. This can include keeping her cool on a hot day as well as how to handle the evening’s noisy celebrations.

Have a Safe Comfortable Space Ready

If your dog has a usual place to sleep or relax, try to make it even more comfortable. If your dog can sleep on the same bed in different locations, find a place in your home that’s farthest from outside noise.

Play White Noise Near Your Dog During Fireworks

If possible, play some music or other soothing white noise during fireworks time. This can really help cancel out the fireworks and sooth your dog.

Make Sure Your House and Yard Are Secure

If your dog is really scared of fireworks, make sure your home and yard are secure so he can’t get out if he tries to escape the noise.

Give Your Dog a Good Workout During the Day

Make time for your dog during the day. This will offer a greater sense of security, and it can help your dog sleep better in the evening after the additional exercise.

Give Access to Plenty of Drinking Water

Your dog always needs more water to drink in the summer. Dogs need to hydrate even more if they feel panicked, so make sure the water bowl stays full.

Provide All the Comfort You Can

Give your dog plenty of love and positive attention on a day like the Fourth of July. This can help with nerves and make the day go a bit more smoothly. Ask your veterinarian for more tips.