How to Take Your Dog on a Road Trip

Summer is a great time to hit the road and explore open spaces. Since leaving your dog at home isn’t always an option, you can take your furry friend along for the ride. Just be sure to plan ahead so you can make sure everyone has a good time on the road.

Get a Checkup and Bring Along Vaccination Records

You never know when a health issue might arise, so keeping copies of your dog’s vaccinations is a good idea. Ask your veterinarian for copies if you misplace yours. While you’re there, you can fill any prescriptions your dog has and ask if any additional vaccines are needed before you hit the road.

Make a Comfortable Space in the Vehicle

Chances are, your dog is going to spend a lot of the journey relaxing. Making a nice little spot (or not so little, if you have a big dog) where he can be more comfortable will really help. Bring along his favorite bed, if you can, to really make the road feel like home.

Plan Regular Stops

While dogs can often go longer without a pitstop than many children, they still need regular breaks along the way. It can be really helpful to map out your journey beforehand and pick some spots along the way to get out and answer nature’s call. If you decide to wing it and find places to stop as you go, just be mindful of how long your dog has been in the car without a break.

She also needs to stretch her legs and get a little exercise. Finding a park in towns along your journey is a great way to let your dog work off any pent up energy from being in the car.

Give Your Dog Plenty of Water

The summer heat causes all of us to need more water. Your dog is no exception. If she is new to road trips, the possible anxiety of starting the journey can mean she needs even more water. Make sure you offer your dog plenty to drink each time you stop.

Road trips are about enjoying the journey. A little planning for your dog can ensure that everyone has a great experience.