Tips for Taking Your Dog to Work

Many of us have had to learn how to get work done around our pets over the past couple years. Whether you are working virtually or heading back to the office, there are still more adjustments to make. If you are returning to the office and miss having your pet around, you might be able to take him to work with you. These tips will help make it a smoother day at the office.

Pack a Daybag

Planning for a day at the office with your dog is like going for an extended hike or picnic. Be sure to pack some food if it will be feeding time while you’re at work. A water dish is a must. Some toys and a comfy spot to lie down are also good ideas. And always bring along a leash and poop bags.

Plan Walk Times

It can be easy to get into a work zone and forget to leave the office for a while. Make sure you take your dog for a walk or two during the day. It’s a good idea to block out some time on your work calendar to help get in those walks. Planning an outdoor lunch hour can really help.

Prepare Your Workspace and Coworkers

Even if you work in a pet-friendly office, it’s a good idea to let your coworkers know in advance that your dog will be joining you. Before your dog’s day at work, take a little time to scan your workspace to make sure it’s ready for pet day.

Be Flexible

Whenever pets are involved in an activity, you need to be adaptable. Be prepared for a number of potential scenarios, from needing to take your dog out of the office more than you initially planned, to winding up early. Being realistic with your expectations ahead of time will help you prepare.

Pick a Lighter Day of Work

A busy day with a lot of meetings or project deadlines probably isn’t the best time to bring your dog to work. A light day with few meetings and perhaps when several coworkers are out of town could make for a more positive experience.

Be Prepared to Call It a Day

If take-your-dog-to-work-day doesn’t go as planned, try to have some backup options. Find out if you can  get clearance for potentially working remotely half the day. The more flexibility you have, the better the day is likely to go.

Most of all, have fun and enjoy the extra time you get to spend with your pet.